BFIS e-Multimedia

BFIS e-Multimedia is the module under the Bangladesh Forest Information System to provide access to photos and videos of forest related activities in Bangladesh

About BFIS e-Multimedia

Bangladesh Forest Department with technical support from FAO developed the BFIS e-Multimedia module which provides multimedia materials about forest in Bangladesh including field work, data collection, analysis, workshop, meetings, national consultations as well as field interventions related to forest management and conservation.

The BFIS e-Multimedia:

  • Provides an overview of the different activities being implemented
  • Contributes to promote sustainable forest management and conservation
  • Ensures national stakeholders have access to multimedia materials to related to forest activities in Bangladesh

A multitude of pictures are made available which can be used to illustrate forestry related activities in Bangladesh. This includes pictures of trainings, workshops, consultations, field work, landscape, biodiversity and nature. The module is under BFD copyrights and what the copyrights of each picture should remain with originators. This should be reflected in the terms and conditions.

Various videos are made available to illustrate the activities implemented by the Bangladesh Forest Department in collaboration with national and international agencies and partners.