Forest Emission Factor Database

Forest Emission Factor Database

Forest biomass can be estimated from field measurement, remote sensing, and GIS-based approach; whereas the field measurement is considered to be more accurate. This field measurement involves selection of sample trees, measurement of predictors (diameter at breast height, height, wood density, crown length etc.) and output variable (biomass from destructive of semi-destructive methods). Finally, allometric models are developed from the field inventory data of these predictors and output variables. In other way, volume allometric models can also be used to estimate the tree biomass by converting the estimated volume into biomass using the wood density value of the respective species. This modules provide databases for allometric equations, wood density, raw data and tree species list.

This BFIS module was prepared with the technical support from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and financial support from USAID and the UN-REDD programme.

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Data Sources

Allometric Equation

This database provides allometric equations for tree species and forest types of Bangladesh for volume, biomass and carbon stock calculation. It results from the compilation of reports from the Bangladesh Forest Department, the Bangladesh Forest Research Institute and scientific articles from different academic institutes.

Raw Data

This database contains primary data collected through destructive and semi-destructive field measurements by Bangladesh Forest Department, Bangladesh Forest Research Institute and Universities. It contains data such as tree diameter at breast height, total height, merchantable height, volume, biomass. Raw data provides the basis for developing allometric equations, moreover this data can be reused by other researchers also.

Wood Densities

This database contains wood density information obtained from destructive measurements and laboratory analysis conducted by Bangladesh Forest Research Institute and Universities. Collected wood density information of all available species are viewed in list.

Emission Factors

The emission factor database provides emission factors which are specific to Bangladesh. An emission factor is a coefficient that quantifies the emissions or removals of a gas per unit activity. Emission factors are often based on a sample of measurement data, averaged to develop a representative rate of emission for a given activity level under a given set of operating conditions. Emission factors in this database were collected from available scientific literature on related greenhouse gas inventory in Bangladesh.

Species List

This database provides the available tree species list of Bangladesh. The list is organized by family and under each family all available genus and species information available in Bangladesh of that family is incorporated. Information related with number of allometric equations, raw data, wood density and emission factor for that species are available for each species.